A Five-Minute Life Review (AKA: The Game Changer)

As a reader with a million new options from authors every single day, the majority of us pick up a book, finish it, and then move on to the next. It's not that we don't enjoy what we read, more that it's easy for one book to bleed into the next. I love a good storyteller, however...

There are very few who can do to me what Emma Scott does with her writing. A Five-Minute Life is a masterpiece, built from pieces of her heart, meshed together with a perfectly-woven blanket of words that leaves you invested and inspired with every single chapter.

Every. Single. Chapter.

She doesn't write with an ego. There is no over the top, flowery prose. This isn't a writer who wants to show the reader she knows every elaborate word in the English Dictionary. She is a talent who can deliver one line with the same power most authors try to deliver in three paragraphs. Emma writes with purpose, cutting out the fat, leaving only the leanest, meatiest words that make the story leap from the pages. Her books aren’t popular because she’s a “passing phase.” Her books are popular because she’s a wizard of the written word, and I am constantly in awe.

I find it incredibly hard to write a review for a book like AFML. It often feels like I’m repeating myself when I talk about Scott’s work, but the feelings she leaves me with are, in fact, a repetitive echo of her inspiring talent, and that’s all I can really say.

Apart from this:

There is only one Emma Scott. No one can replicate her voice. A Five-Minute Life is absolute proof of that.

With each release, I find myself saying, “That’s her best work yet,” and I have no doubt I’ll say it about her next novel, too.

For now, though, A Five Minute Life is, for me, her best work yet. If you’re having doubts, don’t. If you’re tempted to research for spoilers and see if there’s a HEA or not, don’t. If you’re tempted to ruin this experience for yourself in any way, shape, or form... DO NOT.

Go in blind and rest assured that Jimmy with the kind eyes will own your heart within a chapter. Rest assured that Thea with her zest for life will make your heart swell with pride within a chapter, too. And know, without a shadow of a doubt, that this love story will go down in the indie authors’ Hall of Fame as being ‘The One That Changed The Game’.

And if that isn’t gushing enough for you... the sex scenes are hella hot and emotional, too.

What more do you want? Apart from Scott’s next book, of course. Teasers and excerpt below. Download here: Amazon US: https://amzn.to/2EbYCp7 Amazon Universal: mybook.to/A5MinuteLife ★ Free on Kindle Unlimited ★

"Jesus, how do you do that?" "Do what?" I asked, kissing her neck, her throat, and the delicate skin beneath her ear.

"Kiss me so it feels like I'm falling into you."

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