Time For A New Adventure.

To those of you who already follow me on social media, you'll see me as meme loving, joke sharing, fun-time writer who loves to interact with readers and bloggers on a daily basis. Unless you've read my books, you might not know that, actually, I have a very serious side, too. Don't all writers? It's what allows us to see things others may not see, spin those things around in our minds to look at them from all angles, and then write them down in a new, interesting way that creates a story for the world to lose themselves in. I'm hoping that this new blog on my website can be my very own place to speak openly about some of those thoughts and show you a new, more personal side of my writing style, my author life, and keep you up to date with all my new adventures.

Consider this a diary of my life and thoughts, if you will. I have no idea where to even begin running a blog, but let's start with here, shall we? It seems as good a place as any.

Over the next couple of months I have three signings to attend. RARE London After Dark is going to be the first of the year, and I'll be honest, I'm absolutely ecstatic to be included in this incredible event, but I am kind of scared, too. Little old me, who started writing in secret in 2010, too scared to tell my husband what I was doing for fear of him thinking I was losing my damn mind after suffering the Twilight book hangover from HELL. I hid it from so many people, yet spent so much time on my computer, I'm pretty sure they all thought I was having some kind of online affair with an Internet weirdo halfway across the world. I was having some kind of affair... it was just with a whole bunch of characters in my mind that had completely taken over my life. I guess I've never looked back since. What's typical of me, though, is the length of time it takes me to take the leap to pursue a dream of my own. Fear is a very real dream-blocker, people, and I've let it take over my life for a very long time. Fear of rejection. Fear of being no good. Fear of others being far superior, leaving me to feel small. It's only this last two to three years I've allowed myself to climb those fear walls, reach the top and say "Yeah, it's scary up here, but look how much more of the world I can see now I'm at least trying to climb higher."

I'm hoping I can use the next few years of my life to push myself even harder. Glass ceilings were made to be shattered, right?

I can't wait to deliver more good stories to your Kindles in 2018. A Girl Like Lilac is almost finished. And my bad boys romance pseudonym of Vicki James is in the works, too. It's all very exciting and a lot of hard work, but I'm here for the adventure, not for the prize at the end of it, so it's time to make things happen.

Welcome to my new world. Let's do this together.

I can't wait to share it with you.

With love and Saturday sparkles.

Vic xoxo

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