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welcome to the home of vicki james books

"This is probably where most authors declare their NYT or USA Today bestseller titles, and while I haven't got there *quite* yet, I do have something extra special to declare.

That's right! I am the official winner of the 'My Mum's Favourite Author To Ever Exist' award. How cool is that? It's all I've ever really wanted, and that's why it gets centre stage on my home page.  So, like my mum, feel free to dive into the worlds of my books and find something you'll love.

Whether it's mc romance, rock star romance, or angsty love stories that will have you on the edge of your seat, I have it right here, and I can't wait for you to discover all of it. Thanks for stopping by." - Vicki 



Youth Gone Wild are Britain's newest and hottest sensation. Follow them, along with their support band Front Row Frogs as they discover that fame and love don't always go hand in hand... but when they do, it's one hell of a high!

2018 Vicki JAMEs

West Yorkshire, England - VickiJamesAuthor@outlook.com