Natexus Series


There was life before Alex Law, and there was life after him.

The new boy in town wasn’t meant to be standing by my side the night my sister died, but there he stayed, determined to make me live and fall in love, one new adventure at a time.

Too bad for me that not all first loves are made to last, for Alex had secrets of his own he was desperate to keep hidden, and when those secrets came to light because of me, it was over before it had ever even begun.

I had to let him go…

But Alex wasn’t the kind of guy to stay gone for long, and when he came back into my life only five years later, the boy had turned into a man who was determined to win back what he’d thrown away.

Whether I wanted him to or not.

That stupid, tragic first love of mine.

The epilogue novella to Let Him Go.


After making the biggest decision in my life, I found myself travelling to London on a new adventure with Alex Law by my side.


Our reunion had been emotional.

I knew our future would be epic.


But before we had any chance of living our happy ever after, we had to overcome some hurdles and speak some truths about our time spent apart.

All I could was hope that our love was strong enough to pass the tests this time.


I couldn’t face losing Alex again.


Every woman wants a bad boy. Too bad for me, I’d somehow become the resident nice guy. But not for long…


Five weeks after being dumped, I, Marcus Anderson, had to admit that my life had become a mess, filled with one-night stands, too much alcohol, and the odd fight thrown in for good measure.


Then along came Danni Marsden. The best friend of my ex, with the infectious smile, the hotshot model career, and that unwavering determination to make me live again. The girl I couldn’t have and shouldn’t want. The girl who had started to make it clear that she wanted me, too.


It turned out that I was the night and she was the day. No matter how hard we tried, we couldn’t stop coming back to each other.


It was time to show Danni and the rest of the world what happened when the good guy turned bad for the right woman.


I had to have her.

The epilogue of To Have Her.


Danni was now mine, and I was hers. Our new life on the road, chasing her dreams, meant everything to both of us. I couldn’t imagine a life without her now.


But she was famous, and there I was, nothing more than a regular Joe. We were fresh for the press to feast upon, and they were determined to tear our love story apart.


Too bad for them, I wasn’t the nice guy anymore, no matter who tried to get in our way.


For Danni, I’d burn the world down.


For her, I’d risk it all.

I could only hope that, while others seemed to win the battles, we would eventually win the war.